The History of Sport Reconstruction

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  • Hironoshin Furuhashi’s World Record Certificate
  • Hironoshin Furuhashi’s World Record Certificate for the 800 Meter Freestyle Event at the 1949 US National Swimming Championship

  • The swimming legend Hironoshin Furuhashi was at his athletic peak in 1948, but Japan was not invited to participate in the 14th Olympiad in London because of its role in World War II. At the Japan national championship held the same year, he set a series of records surpassing the winning times recorded in the London Games. Furuhashi earned the nickname the “Flying Fish of Fujiyama” from the US media when he participated in the 1949 US national swimming championship, winning and breaking world records in four distance categories—400m, 800m, 1,500m and the 800m relay.

  • Shot Put
  • Shot Put

  • In the Olympic Games, shot putters choose a ball from a selection of internationally authorized shots. This ball was manufactured by the Tsujitani Industry Co., based in Fujimi City, Saitama, which has been making official shots since the Seoul Olympic Games in 1988. In three consecutive Games following the 1996 Los Angeles Games, all gold, silver, and bronze medalists are known to have used Tsujitani shots, causing people to believe that the Tsujitani ball was the best choice for winning the competition.